What is Embedded Stock?

Embedded Stock is an initiative to create a central storage space for all electronic hardware at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering – Katrinebjerg.

Se opening Hours here: opening hours

For more information or questions send a message to: elab@ece.au.dk

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The Electronics workshop

Register as user

Use your AU-login credential to create a user. These are the same as your mit.au.dk login. All registered users can browse and reserve hardware on this website.
It is important that you note your AU-id and your Studie-id correctly! Since these are needed for e-mail communication.

Register here!

How to make a loan:

If you find hardware you wish to borrow you simply press the reserve button.

Pick up your reservation within opening hours in the Embedded Stock store. It is located in room 017A in the Shannon building at Katrinebjerg.

Hardware can NOT be picked up at the electronic workshop.

How to return hardware:

All hardware needs to be returned to the Embedded Stock store, when the semester ends. This means either the end of January or June.

Hardware may be modified with reasonable connectors and should be ready for use by the next loaner, when it is returned to Embedded Stock.
This means, hardware can NOT be soldered onto Vero-boards, or connected to other hardware, in any way on return.

Please have your AU-id or Studie-id ready when you are at the store.

Hardware can NOT be returned at the electronic workshop.